Bebell Digital Solutions'

White Label Partner Program

Resell Bebell Digital Solutions' leading E-commerce Platform and grow your business with our White Label Partner Program.

A Simple and Powerful
E-commerce Solution

Learn more about Bebell Digital Solutions' White Label Partnership and how it can benefit your business by clicking on the button below:


Resell Bebell under your brand and set your price with our white label e-commerce program.


Manage all your clients' accounts easily with one central dashboard for e-commerce resellers.


Never worry about maintenance or updates again thanks to our secure, hosted cloud solution.

Choose the Right Fit for You

Compare the tiers and find the perfect fit for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the partnership program work?

When you join our program, you'll get everything you need to start reselling Bebell's e-commerce plans to your own clients. We'll create your personal ready-to-sell Branded Website with your own recurring payment processor. Depending on the Tier you choose you'll get a partner dashboard where you can create store accounts for your clients and manage their plans. If you'd like to resell Bebell under your own brand, our white label option lets you feature your own brand name and logos on the store account and login pages.

Which membership plan should I pick?

We offer different memberships for white label partnership program. You can choose the option that best fits your budget and business needs. We offer three (3) types of tiers: The Silver Tier, the Gold Tier and the Platinum Tier. For now only the Silver and Gold tiers are available. Our Platinum Tier is designed for large enterprises and  agencies seeking a customized business solution.

What will my payments be?

There are three types of payments within the White Label partnership program. Your total fee is calculated depending on the Tier and features you'd like.

  1. Setup Fee (One Time): When you join the program, you'll pay a setup base fee.
  2. Membership Fee (Monthly): Each month, we'll charge you a membership fee based on the Tier you have chosen.
  3. Store subscriptions (Monthly): Each month, we'll charge you for all of your active paid plans, at a deeply discounted partner rate. As a reseller, you can set whatever price you'd like for store plans and charge your clients directly.
  4. Program Add-Ons (One-Time): Program Add-Ons are custom adjustments and features tailored to best suit your business goals. Add-Ons Services are charged once before the development process. Program Add-Ons include: Custom vertical menu for the store Control panel, a custom list of the app in AppMarket, ability to pre-install the apps during new store creation, a custom list of available payment and shipping methods, custom features availability.
  5. Custom Domain (Yearly): If requested, Bebell Digital Solutions offers the option to add your own custom domain to the platform's url address. This setup requires changing the default domain "" to your Preferred Domain for the store login page, store account (backend), instant sites, white-label Help Center. ​Fees for custom domain are paid annually in advance.

How do I become a partner?

All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your email on this page.
  2. Submit the subscription fee using the personal payment link that we will send you by email.
  3. Submit your branding information (company name and logos).
  4. Once we have your payment and branding information, it will take about 5 to 15 business days to create your Reseller website, partner dashboard (if. Then you'll be ready to start selling e-commerce!

Can I choose which store features to enable/disable for my customers?

Yes, you can choose to hide certain sections of the store control panel from your customers and select which apps should be pre-installed or available for installation in all your stores. This Advanced Setup option is included in the Gold Tier membership and is available as a paid add-on on the Silver Tier.

Can I have my store accounts on my own domain?

Yes, we can replace our default white-label domain with your own so that the store login page and all your stores are located on your domain. This is a paid add-on on both Silver and Gold Tier. If you need this feature, just email us.